How it works

Private photo sharing and conversations. We designed One LifeTime for all those things you don’t want on public social networks but still wish to show to the meaningful few in your life, like photos of your children or conversations about very personal moments.
  • Designed for privacy

    Share and message with your loved ones in complete privacy. No public profiles.

  • Collaborative photo albums

    Keep all your photos in one place, even the photos your friends take.

  • Private conversations

    Share memories with friends, but keep each conversation private.

  • Closed circle

    You decide who can see your photos and add to your time bubbles.

For all the ways you have fun, now you have OneLifeTime.

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Cristina R.
A cool app! So easy to share moments with my family and friends. What’s most important to me is that I feel more secure knowing who exactly can see my photos.
Laurence B.
I simply love the time bubbles concept and I like how everything is organized. You finally get to see everyone’s photos without having to constantly ask them to transfer those photos to you.